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Olde English Bulldogges/English Bulldogs/French Bulldogs Bred in Upstate New York

We are breeders based in Cairo, NY near the beautiful Catskill mountains. Our dogs live with us in our home with a beautiful 6 acre backyard. Our bullies sleep inside with us every night–usually in our beds! We do not believe in outdoor kennels. Our bullies are our children and we would not have it any other way. All English Bulldogs are dual-registered with the AKC and the ABKC. All Olde English Bulldogges are triple-registered with the IOEBA, ABKC and NBA. Each puppy will come with a one-year health guarantee, registration papers, up-to-date vaccinations, de-wormed, a docked tail, a vet health certificate, a bulldogge puppy care sheet, a birth certificate with paw print, and lifetime customer support. Just as importantly, each pup will be “pre-spoiled” and given lots of hugs and kisses daily! My wife is a stay-at-home bulldog mommy, so I can assure you that your pup gets plenty of daily interaction and does not spend all day in a crate for their first eight weeks of life.

We specialize in creating bulldogs with large bully heads, massive muscular bodies of great physical strength, and of course that adorable trademark wrinkly face you can fall in love with! All of our bulldogges are naturally athletic and will require only light exercise to keep them in relatively healthy shape and good muscle tone. Health is of great concern to us, and our dogs are free from breathing or hip issues.

Our Olde English Bulldogges are VERY athletic.

Our Bulldogs are family friendly and at the same time very fierce looking and fearless when faced with anyone who threatens their master or property. They at once have an exceptional temperament and the ability to act as protector and loyal guardian. When it comes to being around children they are extremely playful and absolutely harmless. We have three children and our Bulldogges are their best friends. In fact our dogs spend most nights sleeping at the foot of their beds, or by their side. We raise our puppies as we have raised our own dogs–with children and families in mind. These Bulldogges are very eager to please their master and they are very trainable.

Bulldogs are great with children.

Our inspiration for breeding is due to the satisfaction we’ve gotten from owning these wonderful dogs. After our first bulldogge we knew we wanted more, and we also had to give other families the same joy our precious dogs have brought to us. Our adult dogs are not just considered our Sire and Dam, but are truly a part of the family.

We strive to produce healthy puppies, looking to make each litter healthier than the last. Likely due to the poor habits of backyard breeders, some people might associate bulldogges with health issues, but this could not be further from the truth. Quality bloodlines are key, and we have some of the best bloodlines out there. Many of our dogs have proven their quality with numerous show titles.

Olde English Bulldogges have a life expectancy of 10-14 years, and English Bulldogs have a life expectancy of 8-12 years. But with proper love and care both may live much longer.