Bruiser – Olde English Bulldogge – Sire
Bruiser weighs in at a BEASTLY 110 lbs of solid muscle! He has Hermes in his bloodline, which explains his enormous size. He is grand-sired by Motown’s Tattoo. Bruiser is available for stud at $950.


Gully – Black Tri Olde English Bulldogge – Sire
Very muscular and athletic build. Approx 75 lbs.

Piper – French Bulldog – Dam
Piper is our solid blue French Bulldog. She is approx 30 lbs. Very muscular and very athletic. Piper’s favorite thing to do is play soccer with balls of any size in our backyard. Piper was born in 2015 and her first litter is expected early 2017.


Saadi – Olde English Bulldogge – Dam
Saadi is is approx 60 lbs and carries the merle gene. She is extremely athletic and is an extremely good breather.


Bushido’s Matrix – Blue Merle Olde English Bulldogge – Dam
Very muscular and athletic build. Approx 80 lbs.

Fiona – English Bulldog – Dam


Brooklynn – English Bulldog – Dam